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The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners is the ultimate handbook for every cyclist looking to spend more time on the bike, whether you're looking to ride for fitness, for weight loss, to improve your health, or for just plain fun! Inside, you'll find a foolproof guide to finding the right bike for you and why it's important that it fits you right. You'll also read easy-to-remember rules that will keep you safe on the road, smart tips to drop pounds, plus thousands of useful tips and bits of insider advice from the gurus of cycling at Bicycling magazine.

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Get up to date on the latest cycling technology that will keep you — and your bottom, hands, lower back, and other body parts — comfortable on a ride lasting up to an hour or more!

Bike fit essentials

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Bike fit essentials

The two most important aspects of bike fit are seat height and reach. When you're shopping for a bike and sit on it for the first time, these are the two indicators that the size is correct. The seat should be high enough that you have a very slight bend in your knee when your foot is at the very bottom of the pedal stroke. This gives you the most power with the least chance of injury. To learn how to get your reach right every time, turn to page 66 in The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners — it will save your hands and back!

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Try The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners and you'll discover...

15 expert tricks that'll have you running circles around road hazards, page 136

The basics of clipless pedals (and if they're right for you), page 58

9 stellar upgrades that take your ride from basic to high performance, page 57

12 downhill dos and don'ts, page 127

How to master your gears and put more smiles in your miles, page 119

How to be a flat repair pro, page 240

To fender or not to fender? Page 90

Woman-focused upgrades for customized comfort, page 55

The best way to shrink your waist on the road, page 190

Before you go to the bike shop, how to dodge this perilous pitfall, page 50

Why a professional bike fitting is worth every penny, page 68

The best spot for beginners in a group ride, page 160

DIY: Be your own wrench with these step-by-step maintenance tips, page 222

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Do you have to wear a jersey? Technically, no...Do you have to wear a jersey? Technically, no...

Technically, no, but you might like it once you try it. You'll want one with at least the number of back pockets found on page 83 of The Big Book of Cycling for Beginners. Most riders carry all sorts of things in their pockets, including food, water, on-the-road repair items, sunscreen, and more. The clever on-your-back placement not only keeps your stuff where you can easily reach it while you're riding without it falling out, but also keeps it tucked out of the way of the wind.

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